Signature Black Construction Tape - 25mm



Our Signature Black Signature Construction Tape was the original construction tape to be launched into the craft market as an alternative ay to assemble your craft projects.

Our Signature Black Signature Construction Tape is high grade, high tack, acid free and ideal for your crafting projects.

  • Can be torn 
  • Acid free natural rubber resin
  • Will stick to itself
  • Can be painted or covered in gilding wax
  • Can be embossed 
  • Will not deteriorate on your projects over time
  • Has undergone hot/cold temperature testing for durability and longevity

Great for the construction of chipboard projects and an alternative to construction strips and painted edges. Ideal for assembling and edging MDF and greyboard 3D projects.

Watch our video below for ideas on how to use our unique Signature Black Construction Tape: