Cheryl Wootton

Cheryl Wootton said:

As always your projects are stunning and inspiring -and you help to get my own creative juices flowing with all your ideas. Thanks for all your amazing work Clare – you’re awesome!!!


Sheryl said:

Love all your ideas Clare x

Janice Amos

Janice Amos said:

Love all of creative spirit projects

Elaine Hood

Elaine Hood said:

Thank you for the chance to win , I love all your work and designs .
You are a true inspiration
Thank You

Elaine H X


C. RHOTEN said:

Hi Clare,
Thank you for all your hard work & inspiration. I’d love to win this gift card to help with the cost of ordering from across the pond. I wish I could be in one of your workshops too. Maybe one day. Thanks for the chance! 😊


June-marie said:

Luv it. Got the tutorial!

Gail Ryan

Gail Ryan said:

Clare, thank you so much for a chance to win this magnificent giveaway ! Someone is going to have a wonderful time shopping on your site !

Carol Peloquin

Carol Peloquin said:

Hardly time to breathe before you come out with yet another beautiful album! Your constant creativity amazes me! So glad I found your website a few years ago. So sorry that I didn’t the years before. Thank you for the hundreds of hours you have given my friend, Linda and myself! Blessings

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